Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jennifer Lopez's marriage about to break

Jennifer Lopez’s marriage of 4 years to Marc Anthony is at close to breaking!

The singer-and-actress Jennifer Lopez was spotted at an LA premiere NOT wearing her engagement ring and wedding ring.

J Lo's hubby Marc has been enjoying nights out without his wedding ring as well suggesting serious marriage problems.

Marc, fuelled rumours their marriage is at breaking point by flirting with women at New York and LA night clubs and complaining Jennifer had been making me miserable.

A source close to J Lo claims the couple are at "breaking point", said: "They both didn't wear their rings on purpose. Nothing Jennifer does is without purpose. They are both getting bored. She wanted this domestic life, but now she’s bored out of her mind. She wants the old J-Lo back."

Jennifer appears to becoming frustrated with Marc’s "controlling" nature – he insists on choosing her clothes and checks up on her phone calls!

America’s Us Weekly magazine quote: "He's very, very controlling of her. The skirts aren't as short. You don't see so much of that booty anymore."

The couple who renewed their wedding vows last month has tried to quash the rumours earlier this week they went out for dinner at Beverly Hills restaurant Luau together. Enjoying meatballs, ribs, tiramisu and chocolate cake and left holding hands.

I have to say I'm not paticularly surprised.